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“The Good College provides an indispensable look into what smart college consumers need to know when creating a college list and evaluating their choices. The high-stakes college admission process is pockmarked with land mines, but The Good College will get you safely to the finish line.”

~ Lynn O’Shaughnessy, Founder of The College Solution, Higher-ed Author, Journalist, Speaker

“Most families begin their college search knowing almost nothing about particular colleges. Worse yet, most do not know what questions to ask or how to assess the answers they receive if they do ask. What I admire most about Stuart Nachbar’s work is that he is a gifted “explainer.” His essays and interviews do an exceptional job of showing families not only what to look for when they research colleges, but also when to be skeptical about what they read or hear. Whether the subject is financial aid, admissions, academics, campus life, outcomes after graduation, or reputation, Stuart always has something thoughtful to say, and it is generally something that you won’t learn from other sources.”

~ Lou Hirsh, retired Director of Admissions, University of Delaware, and former Admissions Practices Committee Chair, the National Association for College Admission Counseling

“My colleague and friend Stuart Nachbar covers colleges more thoroughly than any college advisor I know.  Stuart’s school profiles on his website, Educated Quest, provide in-depth information that independent educational consultants, families and students can use to make better informed college choices. Reading The Good College will help you learn how to evaluate colleges for services such as academic advising, residence life and career development and more. These are among the most important factors that influence student ability to thrive and succeed. Stuart’s book guides you so that you too can learn to critically assess each school on a college list and make far more informed decisions about where to apply and ultimately what school to attend.”

~ Elizabeth LaScala, PhD, College & Graduate Admissions Advisor, founder of Doing College and Beyond

“Whether you are a parent with a first child going to college or a long-time professional counselor, or anything in between, Stuart Nachbar’s new book is a valuable resource.

For parents, especially ones interested in a pre-career undergraduate education for their child and ROI, the book provides a road map through your FAQs utilizing an intuitive and straightforward series of questions and answers that comprehensively build one upon the other to help inform any search for—and getting into—The Good College.

For the professional, especially one dealing with such parents and their concerns (and who isn’t!), Stuart’s book comprehensively charts their questions and concerns: I can’t tell you how many times I found myself saying “oh yeah, I have to remember they need to hear that too!” Even when I sometimes don’t agree with his conclusions, I am always glad to have read his arguments: collectively they have made me rethink and revise so many of my own assumptions and practices.”

~ W. Laird Durley, Independent Educational Consultant, Retired College Professor, Fresno, California

“Stuart Nachbar is one of the most conscientious and knowledgeable colleagues that I have. When touring a college, he asks questions others might not think of or might hesitate to ask. The curiosity that drives his exploration results in the gifted blog, Educated Quest. His insights and evaluations are clear, without prejudice or favor. No name brand snobbery from him; he is eager to share the hidden gems, disclose overrated name brands, and decipher financial mysteries. When I have had the privilege of being on a tour with Stuart, his questions dig deeply into features of a college that many people would not think to ask about. I am certain that The Good College will become one of the go-to books in my professional library.”

~ Jodi R. Atkin, Certified Educational Planner, Rochester, NY

“The Good College breaks down the multiple facets of college application into bite size portions that can be easily digested by the reader. Cogently written, this book answers the questions that students, and the adults in their lives ask, as well as opens the door to the real question they should be asking; what the heck is a good college anyways, and how does that differ from student to student? Stuart Nachbar is a multi-credentialed Independent Educational Consultation supporting students as they move through the college application process, and this book allows readers to tap into his broad knowledge bank. I highly recommend this to anyone going through the college search and application process.”

~ Jennifer Kaufman Djvadi, College Admissions Advisor and Academic Coach

“Stuart takes the time to look beyond the typically-cited ‘name-brand’ colleges to help students explore schools that might truly be a better fit academically, socially and financially. He connects with admission offices in person and virtually to try to recognize and share an in-depth understanding of each college and university he profiles.”

~ Lauren Sefton, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Rhodes College

“In The Good College, Stuart Nachbar gives families an easy-to-read overview of what really matters when searching for a school. With anecdotes from his own life and insights from his professional experience as a Certified Educational Planner, Nachbar shows families how to look for a school that meets educational, financial, and social fit for the student. An important read for anyone embarking on the college search and application process.”

~ Anna Seltz, CEP, Higher Ed U, College Admissions Consulting

“I know of no one who has put in the hours and the effort to become one of the most useful college experts currently working with students from around the world. Stuart Nachbar has visited more campuses than almost all of my peers. He has written detailed descriptions that will be helpful to families and students. He is not just a valued resource. He is a genuinely good person. I would encourage anyone with students starting to look at universities to read The Good College.”

~ Parke Muth, Independent Counselor, former Associate Dean of Admissions and former Dean of International Admissions at the University of Virginia

“College rankings can cloud any student’s judgement about finding the best college for them. Thankfully, Stuart Nachbar’s book offers something better: realistic and useful insight about how to choose a college (and graduate school!) where you will succeed academically, financially, and socially. Inside this book, Stuart shares what he’s learned from years of exhaustive research into U.S. colleges of every size and type, as well as from his nine years working with students in his role as an independent educational consultant. If you are applying to college now, or anytime in the future, this book is a must-read”

~ Kim Lifton, President, Wow Writing Workshop, Your College Essay Experts

“A MUST READ for any high school students and parents who need guidance and accurate information during the college search process, especially as it pertains to understanding the test-optional movement!”

~ Dr. Niki Mendrinos, Director of School and College Counseling, Bishop Eustace Preparatory School